Optimus is not a leasing company, but we exist to remove the aggravating and time-consuming work associated with inherited leases from the desks of your treasury, procurement, contracts, tax, and legal departments. For over 25 years we have successfully saved multibillion dollar companies millions of dollars on their equipment leasing spend.

Secure a smooth equipment
lease transition with Optimus.

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M+A Equipment Lease Integration Is:

Complex, Time Consuming, & Costly


Your company will eventually encounter a number of the following obstacles:

Leases in Extension

Reconciling payment history

Early payoffs

Unpaid property tax

sales/use tax 
past due payments
Transfer & assumption fees

Residual value disputes

onerous return & purchase options

change in control clauses
cross default clauses

overexposure requiring payoff

lost, stolen, or destroyed assets

late fees
obtaining credit approval

insurance requirements

asset inspection

and more

Time Consuming

There are as many as 15 different steps required to transition one leased asset, not to mention dozens of emails and phone calls with leasing companies' and other involved parties. Leasing companies response may add 30 to 90 days to assignment completion, resulting in badwill between the buyer, seller, and lessors. Hand equipment leasing off to Optimus' specialists.


Our clients have faced unplanned lease expenses of hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars, simply by overlooking a single clause in one of their contracts. Others have faced the prospect of having cross default clauses enforced, resulting in mass acceleration of all future lease payments.


Equipment lease contracts traditionally cost companies 5–20% more than original diligence discovery exposed.


per $1M under lease

Do you have the bandwidth & experience to find and deal with these clauses in your contracts?

The Optimus Process

Our Clients

I want to thank you for the past five-year association we have had and for the more than $2 MILLION you saved us on equipment lease obligations we assumed from other companies we purchased....
Assistant Treasurer
Seagate Technology
When we assumed operations of the new company, reviewed the obligations with the 13 lease companies and the 60 schedules related to the 600 pieces of equipment, it seemed we were going to have some difficult times ahead.… Originally, I had only hoped for a speedy evaluation of the leases to determine if a new rate could be negotiated or if we were better off refinancing. As a final result, we were extremely happy to find you were able to reduce the cost of these leases by over $500,000.
Regional Director of Financial Operations
Laidlaw Transit

M+A Lease optimization Specialists

Jay Zeinfeld is our founder and President. With over 25 years of experience serving c-suite executives, Jay’s unique understanding of the complexities of lease transactions and its impact on client goals and financial statements, has resulted in Optimus clients saving uncountable millions of dollars and increasing enterprise value.

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Direct - 949.270.2402

Rich Boyd is our Senior Vice President. He is responsible for quality control at every level of client and lessor interaction.  He has been with Optimus for over 19 years and brings unmatched operational and problem solving experience to our clients.

Contact Rich
Direct - 949.270.2403

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Secure a smooth equipment lease transition with Optimus.

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