We take equipment leasing off your desk.

Optimus is not a leasing company. Optimus is not an equipment lease broker.  Instead, we are a full-service, lease optimization firm. For the last 25 years, we have been helping executives with $10+ million equipment lease portfolios develop the most advanced and cost-effective leasing programs in the nation.

M+A Integration

A core purpose at Optimus is to remove the aggravating and time-consuming work associated with inherited leases from the desks of executives, as well your organization's treasury, procurement, contracts, tax, and legal departments. With Optimus you can expect increases in EBITDA, enhanced enterprise value, and to cut leasing costs.

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Lean Hospital Equipment Lease Strategy

It is likely that your hospital leasing spend is 25% higher than necessary. We ensure that your hospital's financial interests are secured, both today in terms of immediate budget pressures, and in the future when contracts are terminated or technology changes.

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Urgent Lease Issues

Is your organization facing a time-sensitive or costly equipment leasing issues? Our experts, operating with only your financial interests in mind, have helped executives successfully navigate these complex obstacles for over 25 years.

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