At Optimus we transform large-scale CapEx finance initiatives that deliver 7 to 8 figure returns–guaranteed, in writing.

M+A Value Creation

Optimus identifies and unlocks hidden value for our private equity clients and strategic investors when significant CapEx is a critical aspect of the investment thesis. With Optimus you can expect increases to EBITDA and enterprise value where you may not have expected to find it.

CapEx Finance Advisory

For many large companies, their CapEx finance strategy is not as dynamic a value creation lever as it could be. For more than 30 years, Optimus has honed its expertise in this niche, resulting in a practice that has stood the test of time. One that routinely delivers 7 & 8 figure returns.

Client Success

Is your organization facing a time-sensitive or potentially costly equipment finance challenge? There could be millions of dollars of CapEx finance waste you may not be aware of. Optimus has helped our clients successfully navigate these complex obstacles for decades. We should be on your radar for all of them!

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